Born in Sweden the same year as Google was founded, thus I am 16 y/o. Brighton, Coldplay and TV-shows is what my heart belongs to.

I only post what I like and don't have any theme for the blog. Sometimes I post TV-shows, sometimes pretty landscapes or funny pics. Little bits of everything!

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The Fault In Our Sombreros.

Nacho average love story.

it’s spelled olé not olay you illiterate fuck this ain’t the fault in our lotions

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Daily Edit #102

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troyeuphoria: excuse me troye the boy are you aware of the fact that you are nominated for two teen choice awards or have you not noticed this or do you know but you just dont wanna say anything idk man


no i noticed but idk i felt scared to be up against my mates like everyone deserves to win so much idk idk im just happy to be acknowledged and whoever wins deserves it u feel